The aim of the education in organic chemistry is to create an organic chemical basis for subsequent subjects in the curriculum of students at the Faculty of Pharmacy. To attain this goal, besides the main lectures (112 hours in the 3rd and 4th semesters) and parallel laboratory practicals (110 hours) in organic chemistry, the Department offers a choice of a special course to its students (Drug Syntheses), and meanwhile, continuous enlargement of number of special courses is planned. The available methods based on Computational Chemistry and Molecular Modeling have been involved in the official education material since 1998. The teaching activities at the Department also include the introduction of selected students into research in organic and medicinal chemistry, the direction of diploma work and participation in the postgraduate (Ph.D.) education. The Department takes part in several international research and educational cooperation programmes (such as ERASMUS).

The Department additionally plays an important role in the postgraduate education of pharmacists, as organizer of the Medicinal Chemistry Programme, and offers a two-year postgraduate programme in Drug Research and Development.

Program of study for students of first semester (link)
Program of study for students of second semester (link)

The Organic chemistry course materials are available for registered students at the Moodle sites of our courses:

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