The student may select freely from among the themes offered by the Department. With preliminary approval of the Head of the Department, the student may choose a subject different from those proposed officially. The diploma work should preferably be written in English or otherwise in German.

List of themes for diploma / research students work for Year of 2023/2024:

  1. Synthesis and chemical transformations of quinazoline derivatives (Gábor Krajsovszky, Krisztina Süttő-Kaczeus, István Mándity)
  2. Azocoupling under sustainable conditions (Andrea Czompa, István Mándity)
  3. Simplified Sandmeyer reactions (Andrea Czompa, István Mándity)
  4. Cross-coupling reactions under „green” conditions (Andrea Czompa, István Mándity)
  5. Examinations of interactions of cell penetrating peptide with lipid membrane, by using theoretical chemical calculations (Balázs Balogh, István Mándity)
  6. Investigation cell-penetrating peptides trough computational modelling (István Mándity, Balázs Balogh)  
  7. Synthesis and structural analysis of modified peptides (Nikolett Varró, Mándity István) 
  8. Chemical flow synthesis of oxindole analogues (István Mándity)
  9. Solid phase synthesis, purification and quality checking of biologically active peptide (István Mándity)
  10. Development of artificial peptides (István Mándity)
  11. Synthesis and applications of photolabile protecting groups (Petra Dunkel)
  12. Development of photoactivatable chemical probes (Petra Dunkel)
  13. Structure determination with NMR spectroscopy (Dóra Bogdán, Eszter Kalydi, István Mándity)