Number of vaccines administered at Semmelweis University - 16 April 2021
159596 Total vaccines
13710 Semmelweis Citizens vaccinated

Oral Medicine Questions 2020/2021


1. Basic lesions on the oral mucosa.
2. Common lesions and diseases on the lips and tongue.
3. Which systemic diseases can started with oral lesions?
4. Endocrine diseases in dentistry.
5. Vesiculo-bullous oral diseases with immune background.
6. Lichen oris. Symptoms, types, therapy, prognosis.
7. Etiology, symptoms, types, therapy and prognosis of leukoplakia.
8. Oral praecancerous lesions and conditions.
9. Oral diseases with ulcers.
10. Importance and diagnosis of oral cancers.
11. Viral infections of oral cavity.
12. Fungal infections of oral cavity.
13. Bacterial infections of oral cavity.
14. Diseases of salivary glands.
15. Anatomical variations and developmental anomalies in oral cavity.
16. Oral mucosal dieases as a contraindication of dental treatment.
17. Management of high risk patients.
18. Urgent situations in dental office.
19. Preventive approach in dentistry.
20. Differential diagnosis of enlarged lymphatic nodes.
21. Effect of oral and masticatory system diseases to the general health status.
22. Side effects and interactions of medicaments and its effect to the oral cavity.
23. How to differentiate the lipoma, the fibroma, the papilloma, and verruca?
24. How you can differentiate the haemangioma, the amalgam tattoo, the melanoma and the
25. How you can differentiate the aphta, the intraoral herpes infection, and the intraoral
mononucleosis infectiosa?
26. Focal infection. Types, importance, role of the dentist.