Oral medicine II. 2023/2024


  1. Basic lesions on the oral mucosa.
  2. Characteristic lesions and diseases on the lips and tongue.
  3. Oral symptoms of systemic diseases.
  4. Oral aspects of haematological diseases.
  5. Diseases of the immune system associated with oral blistering.
  6. Types, therapy, prognosis of lichen oris. Difference between lichen ruber planus and lichenoid reactions.
  7. Etiology, types, treatment and prognosis of leukoplakia.
  8. Oral precancerous lesions and their management. Significance of HPV infection.
  9. Oral diseases associated with ulcers.
  10. Recognition and differential diagnosis of malignant oral tumours.
  11. Oral diseases caused by viruses
  12. Oral diseases caused by fungi.
  13. Bacterial diseases of the oral mucosa.
  14. Common diseases of the minor and major salivary glands.
  15. Patients at higher risk and their care.
  16. The importance of molecular oncological diagnostics.
  17. Differential diagnostics of enlarged lymphatic nodes.
  18. Oral aspects of drug side effects and interactions.
  19. Benign tumours of the oral cavity.
  20. Pigmented lesions of the oral mucosa.
  21. What are the characteristics that differentiate haemangiomas, amalgam tattoos, melanomas and naevus on oral examination?
  22. What characteristics distinguish between aphtha, aphthous lesions, intraoral herpes simplex and herpes zoster?
  23. Focal disease. Types of focuses, evaluation, pathomechanisms of the focal diseases, tasks of the dentist.