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Oral Diagnostics
2020-2021 II. semester
place of lectures: MOODLE / 1st. Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Lecture room
duration: 8:00 – 8:45 on Mondays



15.02. Introduction to Oral Diagnostics. Importance and rules of dental communication. (Dr. Bródy, Andrea)

22.02. Dental anamnesis. Importance of assessing general health. (Dr. Bródy, Andrea)

01.03. Examination of oral mucosa. Stomato-oncological screening. (Dr. Mensch, Károly)

08.03. Diagnostics of the caries. Methods and instruments. Dental disorders with non-caries origin. (Dr. Bródy, Andrea)

22.03. Diagnostics of the dentin-pulp complex (Dr. Dobó-Nagy, Csaba)

29.03. Diagnostics of disorders of TMJ, jaws and teeth. Treatment planning. (Dr. Jász, Máté)

12.04. Fábián and Fejérdy Classification of partially edentulous arches (Dr. Hermann, Péter)

19.04. Orthodontic Diagnostics and treatment plan (Dr. Gresz, Veronika)

26.04. Diagnostics of the salivary glands and their function (Dr. Gresz, Veronika)

03.05. The evaluation of the pain in the dental diagnostics (Dr. Dobó-Nagy, Csaba)

10.05. Risk patients (Dr. Bródy, Andrea)

17.05. Diagnostic examination of elderly patients (Dr. Mensch, Károly)