Number of vaccines administered at Semmelweis University - 16 April 2021
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Lectures in Oral Medicine 
2020-2021. 1st semester 5th year
Árkövy lecture hall
Wednesday 12:30-13:15
09. September Introduction. The aim and importance of Oral Medicine. Examination of the patient. Basic signs of the diseases on the oral mucosa.  (Dr. Bródy, Andrea)                                   
16. September Oral infections I. Viruses. (Dr. Mensch, Károly)                                   
23. September Oral infections II. Bacteria, fungi. (Dr. Bródy, Andrea)                               
30. September Primer, secunder and tercier prevention of malignant tumors.  (Prof. Nagy, Katalin)                                   
07. October Oral manifestations of systemic diseases. Risk patients in dental practice.  (Dr. Bródy, Andrea)                               
14. October Diseases of the salivary glands  (Dr. Gresz, Veronika)                                 
21. October

The importance of molecular oncology diagnostics in the successful treatment of oral tumors (Prof. Tímár, József)

28. October Interactive differentialdiagnostics (Dr. Bródy, Andrea)             
04. November Oral diseases affected by immune system I. (Vesiculo-bullous diseases, Oral lichen) (Prof. Gera, István)                                
11. November Oral diseases affected by immune system II. (Aphtae and other ulcers)  (Prof. Gera, István)                                              
18. November Oral potentialy malignant disorders (Dr. Mensch, Károly)
25. November Tumors of the oral cavity (Dr. Simonffy, László)
02. December The aim of focal infections in dentistry (Prof. Dobó-Nagy, Csaba)                                       
09. December Oral manifestations of hematologic diseases (Dr. Németh, Orsolya)
Budapest, 09. Sept. 2020  
  Csaba Dobo-Nagy 
  head of Department