Radiation Protection

2023/2024. 2nd semester

Third year





Atomic structure, radioactivity, ionizing radiations

Dr. Veres Dániel

14. February

Interaction of ionizing radiations with materials, dosimetry, physical dose concepts

Dr. Veres Dániel

21. February

Principles of radiation protection, dose limits

Dr. Vecsei Bálint

28. February

Public exposure

Taba Gabriella

6. March

Biological effects of the radiation

Dr. Szabó Bence Tamás

13. March

X-ray equipments

Dr. Vecsei Bálint

20. March

Radiation protection of the patients; radiation protection in dentistry

Dr. Szabó Bence Tamás

27. March

Radiation protection regulation aspects

Salik Ádám

3. April

Radiation protection legalisation in Hungary

Salik Ádám

10. April

General rules of ionizing radiation applications

Salik Ádám

17. April

Nuclear and radiological accidents. Prevention, emergency plan

Salik Ádám

24. April

International Workes’s Day

1. May

Medical exposure

Dr. Szabó Bence Tamás

8. May

Consultation, written exam

Dr. Szabó Bence Tamás

15. May


place of the lectures: Árkövy hall, Budapest, Szentkirályi str. 47.

date of the lectures: Wednesday 1430-1540

Budapest, 15th January 2024.



Dr. Szabó Bence Tamás