Faculty of Medicine
6 credit points, terminal examination, Miklós Csala; AOKMBT795_1A

Faculty of Dentistry
4 credit points, terminal examination, Miklós Csala; FOKOOVM205_1A

Fall semesters

Teaching secretary: Gergely Keszler

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General information
The principal aim of the course is to provide an insight into the storage and expression of genetic information throughout replication, transcription and translation. Our current understanding of the multilevel regulation of gene expression will also be discussed, followed by an up-to-date summary of methods applied in molecular biotechnology.
It serves as a base for several fields in medicine, such as molecular pathology, molecular diagnostics, pharmacology, gene therapy and medical biotechnology.

Lectures and practical lessons
Two lectures are held every week. Practical lab lessons and seminars are held in alternating weeks; detailed schedules can be found under corresponding tabs.

Acceptance of the semester
Attending the practical courses is mandatory, according to the university study and exam regulations, no more than 2 practical courses may be missed. In justified cases, once during the semester, the practice can be attended at another group (in the same week). Please note, that being maximum 5 minutes late can be accepted at the practical courses. Thank you for your cooperation!

Recommended textbooks
Harvey Lodish: Molecular Cell Biology
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Evaluation of education by students
(“Oktatói munka hallgatói véleményezése” – OMHV)

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