Faculty of Medicine
3 credit points, practical mark, Miklós Csala; AOVMBT797_1A

Faculty of Dentistry
1 credit point, terminal examination, Csaba Sőti; FOSVMBT314_1A

Fall semesters

Teaching secretary: Gergely Keszler

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General information
The major aim of this subject is to provide help in understanding the “medical chemistry” compulsory subject for those students, who have learnt less chemistry during their previous studies. The role of the two subjects is to summarize that basic knowledge, which is fundamental to understand molecular biological and biochemical procedures in human under physiological and pathological circumstances. The general chemistry part is essential for understanding biochemistry and physiology, whereas organic chemistry provides basic knowledge for molecular biology and biochemistry.)

Evaluation of education by students
(“Oktatói munka hallgatói véleményezése” – OMHV)

OMHV action plans