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Basics of Medical Chemistry

Faculty of Medicine
3 credit points, practical mark, Miklós Csala; AOVMBT797_1A

Faculty of Dentistry
1 credit point, terminal examination, Csaba Sőti; FOSVMBT314_1A

Fall semesters

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For first-year medical and dentist students to help them understand the basics of Chemistry. This course is facultative and does not supplant Medical Chemistry Course!

written examination
The exam is composed of two parts: (1) drawing 10 formulas, each is worth one point (see Requirements in Medical Chemistry for the list of obligatory structures) and (2) solving 20 multiple choice questions (one point each).

0 – 10 points: fail (1)
11 – 15 points: pass (2)
16 – 20 points: satisfactory (3)
21 – 25 points: good (4)
26 – 30 points: excellent (5)

Failed exams cannot be retaken.