assistant professor

Telephone and university extension

06-1-459-1500 / 56529




MSc in Mathematics (2001),

MA in Hungarian Language and Literature (2003),

Mental health expert (2006),

Psychodrama instructor (2013)

Doctoral degree

PHD, Educational Science (2017) 

List of Publications  

Hungarian Scientific Bibliography 

Researchgate, ORCID


ORCID: 0000-0002-5007-3801

Memberships and activities

HÍD Foundation (Board of Trustees President),

Hungarian Association of Pastoral Psychology  (member)

Hungarian Psychodrama Association (member)

Professional and research interest

Mental health in school

Pastoral counseling with youth

Sexual education,

Leisure pedagogy 

Current research  

Our training courses’ effect of Self-Compassion;

XXI. Century Nursery Room

Other professional interest


Main publications

Tomcsányi, T; Csáky-Pallavicini, R; Ittzés, G; Semsey, G ; Török, P: Health Promotion Strategy and Primary Prevention Program at Semmelweis University. EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF MENTAL HEALTH 1 : 1-2 pp. 25-44., 20 p. (2006)

Semsey, G; Török, G; Csáky-Pallavicini, Zs; Horváth-Szabó, K: Die Praxis und die Wirksamkeit der Wertevermittlung in der Katolischen Gemeinschaft Regnum Marianum EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF MENTAL HEALTH 2 : 1 pp. 25-48., 24 p. (2007)

Török, G; Tomcsányi, T; Ittzés, A; Martos, T; Semsey, G; Szabó, T; Tésenyi, T: Ein ökumenisches Modell der Weiterbildung in Seelsorge: Geschichte und Ergebnisse de Evaluationsforschung der Weiterbildung. EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF MENTAL HEALTH 7 : 1 pp. 24-56., 33 p. (2012)

Semsey, Gábor: The practice of sexual education in Hungarian secondary grammar schools 216 p. ELTE Doctoral School of Education, Ph.D. dissertation, 2017