assistant professor



University extension:

06-1-459-1500 / 56545




Master of teaching, teacher of religious education,

pastoral counselor,

mental health and organization

Doctoral degree 2019, sociology, Semmelweis University – Mental Health sciences/ Sociological and mental health approaches to resources
for individuals and communities

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Professional and research interest

Active ageing, quality of life of the elderly, exhaustion and burnout of family caregivers, development of long-term care systems, social innovations.

Current research  

Burden of family carers, the situation of family carers during COVID-19, elderly care system, and family carers during COVID-19.

Other professional interest

 Elderly care and mental hygiene, spirituality and life-course, accompanying the elderly / life-meaning search in the pre-death life stage (following the theory of V. Frankl logotherapy).

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