Publication screening

For researchers at Semmelweis University, the free service of IK is the proofreading of publications in foreign languages (SE Department of Languages for Specific Purposes), and the examination of the patentability of research results (IC) for university lecturers and researchers who qualify as the dominant author in the given publication.

As part of the pre-screening of patentability by the IC, an expert from the Innovation Center gives an opinion on the manuscript from the point of view of industrial property protection, then, if necessary, the staff of the center will provide industrial property protection advice and a full range of services in obtaining protection.

Deadline for administration is max. 10 working days

Intellectual Property Disclosure

The IK performs tasks related to the search for, reception, examination and protection of intellectual properties, research results, ideas and discoveries with economic potential arising at the University. Support is provided for the efficient and optimal economic utilization of intellectual properties created at the University – legally defensible and non-defensible -, and support for the establishment of utilization companies (license sales, patenting, establishment of spin-off companies, business development consultancy, coordination assistance for legal tasks).

In this context, the IK, on the basis of the inventor’s announcement, carries out the research of novelties and, together with the creators, explores the circumstances that affect the legal protection and utilization of intellectual property, then the parties will jointly develop an appropriate legal protection and utilization strategy.

1. Contacts:

Send a letter to this e-mail address

Clarification of questions – is there a commercially exploitable part of the intellectual property? What do I need to do for the submission?

2. Submission procedure management

The submission procedure can be protected by industrial property rights, the process of submitting copyrighted or potentially commercially exploitable works towards the University.

The Intellectual Property Submission Form (SZAB-sheet) is available on the website of the Innovation Center, and IK staff will assist in filling it out.

3. Novelty research, strategy creation

The Innovation Center, in a personal consultation with the creators, will explore the circumstances that affect the legal protection and exploitation of intellectual property, then the parties will jointly develop an appropriate law enforcement and utilization strategy.

Collective, main conditions of patentability: 

Novelty: prior to the patent application, the invention may not be made public in any form (article, oral communication such as a conference lecture, Students’ Scientific Association article, Students’ Scientific Association lecture, etc.). In this respect, it is the possibility of access that matters, not the actual access to the information. So if a document is available in a library, it is in itself a novelty, even if it has never been borrowed by anyone.

Inventors activity: the invention should not be evident to those skilled from the state of the art; even if it requires knowledge of several specializations.

Industrial applicability: an invention is industrially applicable if it can be produced or used in an industry or in a branch of agriculture. The invention must therefore provide a result in accordance with the object of the invention, and it must be reproducible (achievable at any time with the same result).

4. Decision to accept an invention

Decisions on acceptance, protection, exploitation are made by the University Innovation Committee (EIB).

5. Industrial property protection proceedings (where relevant, even in parallel with utilization)

If the EIB decides to acquire (maintain) industrial property rights, the IK initiates an industrial property protection proceedings depending on the nature of the intellectual property, the costs of this shall be borne by the University to the extent specified in the EIB decision.

Administration related to invention management takes place at the e-mail address

Utilization of intellectual property

The preparatory work of the Innovation Center is carried out by the University Innovation Committee, considering all its circumstances, involving the creators, and making individual decisions on the utilization strategy of each intellectual property, the utilization management is performed by the center.

IK staff will provide information about the projects to those interested in the intention to utilize it by filling in a non-disclusure agreement.

The basic non-disclosure agreement (NDA) template is available on the Innovation Center’s website.

In the case of the utilization of an intellectual property, the creator shall be entitled to a creative fee in the amount determined in accordance with the applicable legislation and the provisions of the relevant regulations.

Supporting the establishment of a spin-off company

The Innovation Center provides support for the innovation management, for acquiring the attitude and skills needed to start a spin-off company by teaching the undergraduate innovation subject, the center provides professional coordination assistance for the establishment of spin-off companies to utilize the knowledge generated at the University.