the Innovation Center forms a bridge between science and the business world through its technology transfer activities.


  • proactive search, reception, research and protection of intellectual creations, research results, ideas and discoveries with economic potential at Semmelweis University, professional prevention of unauthorized economic exploitation by others, while respecting the freedom of science;
  • the efficient and optimal economic utilization of intellectual property created at the university, which can be legally protected and not protected, and facilitating the establishment of utilization companies (license sales, patenting, establishment of spin-off companies, business development and legal advice), providing economic benefits to university researchers, inventors, innovative workshops and the university;
  • the establishment and management of domestic and international industrial-economic-government relations for the university and its researchers, as important sources of research funding for the university, from which the partners derive mutual economic benefits;
  • informing and continuously training university researchers on issues related to technology transfer – launching Hungarian and foreign language courses, preparing and developing printed and electronic study materials;
  • continuous monitoring of research and experimental developments at the university, R & D & I portfolio (knowledge and technology map), building a searchable database;
  • constant contact with domestic and foreign large companies and SMEs in industries important for the university, management of university industrial relations;
  • building and managing relationships with domestic and foreign financial investors.