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The Innovation Center (IK) continuously monitors applications, scholarships and partner searches involving domestic, EU and other international sources concerning the University, and IK provides information about these to the University’s managers and staff in an electronic newsletter and on its website.

The IK participates in the management of the applications announced by the external organization, which are to be submitted by the organizational units and citizens of the University, in accordance with the provisions of the Tender Regulations (professional support for the preparation of the application, participation in administrative tasks, etc.). The application to be submitted can be sent to the Center through the Application registration system operated by the IK, the consent to the submission of the application is given by the Tender Supervisory Committee. In case of a positive decision of the committee, the IK will assist the applicant in the administration of the documents within the University (completion of countersignatures, signatures, deficiencies). In case of a winning application, the IK will provide support to the beneficiary organizational unit in the preparation of professional and financial reports within the University, moreover the IK maintains a record of winning projects with a maintenance obligation.

The Center provides high-quality, professional and free support to potential applicants in connection with each of the Horizon 2020 sub-programs in the framework of the H2020 contact point established in connection with the ecosystem tender 2019-1.2.1-EGYETEMI-ÖKO-2019-00013.

Up-to-date information on the application activity and the relevant regulations are available on the Innovation Centre’s website, or information about them can be requested at the e-mail address


The Semmelweis Technology and Innovation Fund (STIA) is a university, segregated, financial resource supporting Semmelweis University’s science, research and development, innovation (including innovation in education), further application and project implementation activities.

In particular, STIA can support scientific research and development activities at the University; new or improved products, processes, services created as a result of research, and the development and exhibition of their prototypes (demonstration) and experimental models (proof of concept); procurement of research infrastructure; participation in international organizations; presentation of research results at a conference; development of a business and utilization plan; innovation activity in the field of education.

Support from STIA can be provided through applications, upon request and as a fixed grant, the award of which is decided by the STIA Council. The professional and administrative tasks related to STIA grants and the operation of the STIA Council are performed by the Innovation Center. Calls for proposals from STIA are published by the Innovation Center in an electronic newsletter and on the Centre’s website.

Up-to-date information on the Semmelweis Science and Innovation Fund and the relevant regulations are available on the IK website, or information about them can be requested at the e-mail address


The IK keeps statements of the applications won by the University and manages the portfolio of ongoing projects. IK regularly contacts the project managers of the applications, provides them consulting and training services, and performs project management tasks for the University’s central applications.


For researchers at Semmelweis University, the free service of IK is the proofreading of publications in foreign languages (SE Department of Languages for Specific Purposes), and the examination of the patentability of research results (IC) for university lecturers and researchers who qualify as the dominant author in the given publication. As part of the pre-screening of patentability by the IK, an expert from the Innovation Center gives an opinion on the manuscript from the point of view of industrial property protection, then, if necessary, the staff of the center will provide industrial property protection advice and a full range of services in obtaining protection.

For pre-screening, the editable (word) and pdf versions of the manuscripts must be sent to the e-mail address before publication.


The IK performs tasks related to the search for, reception, examination and protection of intellectual works, research results, ideas and discoveries with economic potential arising at the University. Support is provided for the efficient and optimal economic utilization of intellectual works created at the University – legally defensible and non-defensible -, and support for the establishment of utilization companies (license sales, patenting, establishment of spin-off companies, business development consultancy, coordination assistance for legal tasks).

In this context, the IK, on the basis of the inventor’s announcement, carries out the research of novelties and, together with the creators, explores the circumstances that affect the legal protection and utilization of intellectual property, then the parties will jointly develop an appropriate legal protection and utilization strategy.

Decisions related to the acceptance, protection and utilization of the invention are made by the University Innovation Committee (EIB). If the EIB decides to acquire (maintain) industrial property rights, the IK will initiate industrial property proceedings depending on the nature of the intellectual property, and, in accordance with the decision of the EIB, in cooperation with the creators, perform tasks related to utilization management. In the case of the utilization of an intellectual work, the creator shall be entitled to a creative fee in the amount determined in accordance with the applicable legislation and the provisions of the relevant regulations.

The Intellectual Property Application Form for the notification of intellectual property is available on the website of the Innovation Center, administration related to invention management takes place at the e-mail address