If you want to implement your scholarship or RDI application in a lively, supportive and inclusive, research-intensive environment, to create or increase your independent research group, we provide an opportunity for this at Semmelweis University.

We welcome those inquiries from fellows or academics at any stage of their academic careers which are aimed at the implementation of the awarded scholarships and RDI applications in the research groups of Semmelweis University.

What the Innovation Center offers:

  • Continuous monitoring of domestic, EU and other internationally funded applications, scholarships, partner searcher;
  • Continuous information via electronic newsletter or IK website;
  • Assisting in the application process;
  • Innovation ecosystem, which promotes RDI activities in the context of mutually beneficial cooperation between researchers, universities and entrepreneurs;
  • Publication pre-screening, language proofreading;
  • Patentability examination;
  • Invention management;

·        And a great city with excellent transport links where you can live and work.

We can find information about open RDI application opportunities on the following domestic and international websites:

 Domestic application opportunities are available:

The purpose of the calls for proposals of the National Office for Research, Development and Innovation (https://nkfih.gov.hu/english-nkfih ) is to stimulate research and development and value-creating innovation based on domestic and foreign research results

The Hungarian Academy of Sciences (https://mta.hu/english ) offers a number of application constructs – from scholarship-type grants to mobility applications to research proposals – for researchers at different stages of their scientific careers.

Tempus Public Foundation (https://www.tka.hu/english): Through its calls for proposals, scholarships are available that provide opportunities for international experience, foreign outlook and professional renewal.

AÖU Austro-Hungarian Action Foundation (http://omaa.hu/hu/indexhu/): supports the scientific activities of researchers with a scholarship in the Hungarian-Austrian relation.

On the career portal of Semmelweis University (https://semmelweis.hu/phd/en/): you can view the vacancies for teaching, research and health jobs at the university.

 The grant opportunities announced by the European Union are available:Marie-Skłodowska Curie Action is an individual application for experienced researchers. The researcher chooses the host institution where he / she wants to carry out his / her research.The European Research Council (https://erc.europa.eu/)aims to support researchers with world-class scientific excellence and pioneering scientific ideas through a range of Starting, Consolidator, Advanced, Synergy and Proof of Concept research applications.The calls for proposals of the European Union’s framework program for the period 2021-2027, the Horizon Europe (https://ec.europa.eu/info/horizon-europe_en) program, can be read and applied for through the Funding & Tender opportunities (https://ec.europa.eu/info/funding-tenders/opportunities/portal/screen/home) collection portal.

For exapmle.:

For further RDI application opportunities, the following collection of international sponsor links is worth visiting regularly

Wellcome Trust

National Institutes of Health

Central European Initiative

Visegrad Fund

European Diabetes Foundation

Advanced Research & Technology for EMbedded Intelligent Systems (ARTEMIS) Industrial Association Vitiligo Research Foundation

International Agency for Research on Cancer

European Haematology Association

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

ASE Foundation

International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology

For all calls for proposals, please contact the head of the organizational unit potentially hosting your application. Once you have obtained the support of the host organizational unit to submit your application, please record your application requirement in the University Application Register System (http://pnyr.semmelweis.hu/login), or contact us at project@semmelweis-univ.hu so that the Innovation Center can advise you on the application schedule and requirements.