The service portolio of the Innovation center  pays special attention on the closer cooperation between higher education institutions, external  and industrial partners. On the one hand, Semmelweis University serves the needs of the labor market, on the other hand, creates competitive knowledge enabling to successfully participate in the processes of knowledge transfer, knowledge sharing and knowledge utilization. Considering the opportunities offered by Semmelweis Universitny and external needs of external stakeholders, there are many forms of cooperation that IC helps to facilitate. These activities are:

  • promotion of educational cooperation (provision of internships, traineeships, cooperative PhD programs, dual training…),
  • facilitation of cooperation within the field of research and development (e.g. R&D and R&D&I contracts, research in cooperation with external partners, as well as the preparation and management of joint efforts),
  • reinforcement of university-business relations,
  • and coordination of other related cooperations (e.g. facilitation og networking events, advisory services for Semmelweis University citizens preceding cooperation agreements with partners).

The Knowledge and Research Management processes represent independent activities, however, in close cooperation with services provided by the Tender and Technology Transfer units of Innovation Center. To this end, we provide services to all parties involved in joint knowledge and research management processes, starting with the definition of common research and project goals. As university and corporate cultures substantially differ in many aspects, special attention should be paid to reveal the benefits and risks of collaboration as well. Before cooperation, it is worth paying attention to the following:

  • defining common objectives and the nature of the research,
  • the appointment of professionals with appropriate research and project management experience,
  • a thorough review of resources and conditions for cooperation
  • mapping of possible intellectual property rights and needs
  • clarification of publication and industrial property issues (e.g. publication or patent),
  • preparation of appropriate documents (e.g. cooperation agreements, confidentiality statements).

The Innovation Center provides several additional assistance:

  • in partner search (mapping of potential external partner for university staff; connects external partners with colleagues and departments within Semmelweis University with the desired knowledge), even involving different disciplines
  • facilitates and, where necessary, coordinates the cooperation and related processes beginning with cooperation request, through the conclusion of the contract till to definition of utilization strategy.

This service package is supplemented with tender and industrial property protection assistance (knowledge transfer services such as patent-related processes, definition of utilization strategy, commercialization strategy…).