Dear Applicants,

We are pleased to inform you that the Semmelweis University Application Registration System (PNYR) used for our university’s application activities has been renewed and we hope to introduce a version called PNYR2, which was improved in a more usable direction for researchers and decision-makers. The renewed system will shorten and simplify the administration of applications, instead of the current paper-based completion, in the future the administration will be done exclusively online.

The most significant change is that in the new system – the previously used – PNYR data sheet and the Application of the Tender Monitoring Committee already appear on the same form. Another significant change is that in PNYR2, the indication of the intention to apply is done in three steps:

  1. The person responsible for registering the application fills in the online application recommendation form, both the professional and financial data part.
  2. The head of the applicant’s department and the chief financial coordinator will then receive an automatic notification e-mail with a link to confirm the professional and financial details of the application, expressing their agreement.
  3. After managerial approval, as a final step, the application recorder can submit the application to the Innovation Center online.

Link to PNYR2: