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Center for Health technology Assessment Semmelweis University (SE; Budapest, Hungary) andMSDPharma Hungary have committed to jointly develop a best-in-industry program designed toprovidehand-on experience in conducting real world data analysis and epidemiology studies within the scopeof joint research and talent development. We are looking for a scientific driven, creative andwell- structured mind who is passionate about challenges that are to be solved his unique skills in analyzingcomplex data sets and manage multi-level projects.

Program description:

Joint research project in the disease area of lung cancer, in the fieldof real- world data analysis and epidemiology studies. Additional therapeutic areasmay be added to ensure the objective of talent development (breast cancer, colon cancer, Head and Neck cancer i.e.), to cover and improve a broadspectrum of retrospective observational study skills of the Researcher. Skillsto improve and tasks to carry out during the programcan include but not limited to:

– Burden of illness study
– Literature review and scientific summary presentation ongivendisease area
– Investigation of the disease area (e.g., incidence, mortality, survival patient pathway, practice pattern)
– Outcome research study design/protocol development
– Statistical analysis (data collection/mining, meta-analysis, etc.)
– Writing/presenting scientific abstract, manuscript

The Researcher shall work on the research project based on the ResearchWork Plan with SE and with the support of MSD.

During the Program the Researcher shall prepare a conference presentationon the developments of the research project and shall strive toachievepublication of a related article in a renowned scientific journal, and besides, Researcher became team member of an active research teamonepidemiology field, having opportunity to develop her/his scientific value.

Number of positions 1
Application deadline July 15 2022.
Start date August 1st 2022. 
Length of program 1 year full-time (with the option of extension for 1 additional year)
MS/MPH/PhD/ScD/DrPH in outcomes research, epidemiology, statistics, health services research, health economics or a related area OR MDwithproven experience in performing applied medical research
Sites Budapest, Hungary
Time shared 50-50% at SE and MSD Hungary

Other requirements – Full-time availability for the Project Term, in accordance with usual
working hours
– EU citizenship
– Bearing the following skills:
o medical science background
o good analytical skills
o creative, innovative, experienced problem-solver personalityo result driven, self-motivated
o perform well in collaborative environment, quick adaptationo time management, planning & organizing
o cultural awareness
o proficiency in MS Word and MS Power Point
o proficiency in MS Excel (Visual Basic is an advantage) andinSAS or SPSS or STATA or R or other equivalent statistical
– Fluency in written and oral English; excellent communication&presentation skills

Documents to submit CV, motivation letter, proof of language, copy of diplomas
Salary 550 000 HUF / month

Contact information Dr. Vokó Zoltán
Center for Health Technology Assessment, Semmelweis University