Key research:

– Infectious diseases (correlated to the area of interest: Disease Drug Efficacy)
– Pharmacogenetics and Taxonomy of Human Diseases (correlated to the area of interests: Patient, Diseases, Knowledge)
– Stem Cells for Drug Development and Toxicity Screening (correlated to the area of interests: tools)

Who can apply:
– large biopharmaceutical companies that are members of EFPIA,
– and a variety of other partners, such as:
– small- and medium-sized enterprises,
– patients’ organisations,
– universities and other research organisations,
– hospitals,
– regulatory agencies,
– any other industrial partners.
The IMI financial contribution:

– For research and technological development activities, up to 75% of the eligible costs and
– For other activities (including management and training activities) up to 100%

Budget: maximum EUR 143 300 000.

Submissions deadline: 19 March 2013 – 13:00:00 hours Brussels time (CET)

More information:

További információ: Dr. Pörzse Gábor
Semmelweis Pályázati és
Innovációs Központ Kft.
1094 Budapest, Ferenc tér 15.
Tel.: 459-1500/53820
Fax: 459-1589