Két pályázati lehetőséget ajánlunk a hallgatók figyelmébe, mindkettővel Groningenbe lehet kijutni.

Europe Exchange Program

Europe Exchange Program is a week organized in Groningen from Tuesday until Tuesday for students from sport universities around Europe. This week will be about collecting, sharing and discovering international sport development. You will get to know other students in a social, cultural and educational way.

Goal – An intensive program where you can broad your vision by new international experiences and knowledge. During this week, you will work on different tasks with students from other countries.

What can you expect? – One week full of great experiences! In this week we will make different trips to see sport and education in The Netherlands. You will meet a lot of sport students from different countries and experience the real student life in Groningen.

Life as a Dutch sport student

Groningen, the largest student city in the Netherlands! The Hanze University of Applied Sciences, the number one university for sport education in The Netherlands! We want to share this with you.

Goal – To give you and your mates an exchange where you will experience life as a Dutch sport student for five days. In Groningen you will learn about the Dutch education system, participate in different sports and experience the city as a real Dutch sport student!

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