The Chairman of the Committee:

Dr. Zoltán Zsolt NAGY 
University Professor,
Corresponding Member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences


Address: H-1085 Budapest,  Mária utca 39.
Postal address: H–1428 Budapest, Pf.: 2

Ibolya Balog
H-1094 Budapest Tűzoltó u. 37–47.


An applicant for habilitation must submit an application to the University Habilitation Committee, in which they must indicate the discipline and specialization in which they wish to obtain habilitation.

The application must also state that the applicant has not initiated another habilitation procedure at another university and that such application to that effect has not been rejected within 2 years.

The applicant must indicate in the application – in consultation with the university professor of the subject director – the topic of 1 Hungarian and 1 English/German classroom lecture that fits into the timetable of the given year.

Documents and files to be submitted: 

The first file, applicant_documents.pdf

  • Cover page (Habilitation application, name, title, institution, year)
  • Table of Contents 
  • Application (the applicant must indicate the discipline [possible disciplines: theoretical medicine, clinical medicine, pharmaceutical sciences, health sciences, sociological sciences, biological sciences] and the specialization [possible specialties: all subjects included in undergraduate education programme, or all subjects of board exams registered at the University] in which they wish to obtain habilitation).

Annexes to the application (according to point 7 Section 1) lit. a) -p) of the habilitation regulations):

  1. professional CV;
  2. datasheet (Annex 4: “Summary data of the applicant”)
  3. motivation letter (detailing at least 1 page of the reasons and motivations of the applicant for habilitation);
  4. recommendation of 2 Hungarian and 2 foreign university teachers (the 4 original recommendations are also part of the printed and electronic versions of the application);
  5. a statement by the head of the department on participation in education; certification of classroom lectures; if available, the presentation of the student opinion of the teaching work (OMHV) data
  6. Workplace director’s support letter of the;
  7. the title of the theses that form the basis of the scientific colloquium and the proposed title of the 2 classroom lectures;
  8. thesis booklet (in A4 format, suitable as a part attached to the application material; if available, the Doctoral thesis of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences can be used);
  9. diploma certifying university degree, with a copy;
  10. a copy of the diploma(s) certifying the acquisition of the scientific degree (s);
  11. 1-1 copy of the transfer invoice certifying the payment of the procedural fee and the payment (bank transfer) receipt;
  12. moral certificate;

Arranged in a separate file (second file, applicant_publications.pdf):

  1. datasheet, with a library certificate (“MTMT publication and citation summary table”, according to discipline);
  2. the list, exact bibliography, and citations of scientific publications (from the MTMT database printed complete list of publications, including citations, with library certificate) If the candidate has a significant additional scientific work not listed in the MTMT, please provide the exact list, bibliography, and impact – there is no need to include a separate library certificate for that list.
  3. a photocopy of the title page of original scientific publications published in a foreign language journal, indicating the serial number of the publication list;
  4. a list of scientific lectures in Hungarian and foreign languages

After the formal and substantive pre-assessment of the application, the Habilitation Committee may call on the applicant to fill in the missing data once for these assessment components.