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Introduction to Patient Care

Course Director: Prof. László Kalabay MD PhD
(Students must write Professor Kalabay’s name in their lecture book!)
Institute: Department of Family Medicine
Coordinator: Péter Torzsa MD, Tel: 355-8530, e-mail: ptorzsa[AT]gmail[DOT]com
Application date: 26th January
Precondition: Only for students in the 1st year.
Duration: One semester, lectures: 6×2 hours, practices: 6×3 hours/semester
Exam: Practical mark (written exam)
Credit value: 2 credit points
Course material:

  • An overview of medical profession.
  • Formation of the consciousness of profession, personal careers.
  • The attitude of the medical doctor. Communication with colleagues and the members of the medical staff.
  • An overview of different levels of health care.
  • The organization, function activity of the clinical department and general medicine praxis.
  • Characteristics of the clinical work.
  • Overview of the scientific activity of the clinical department. Raising interest on joining to it.

Essay (written exam):
Topic: Medical profession
700 characters, type: written
Deadline: beginning of May
Address: Department of Family Medicine
1125 Budapest, Kútvölgyi út 4. 1st floor
Practice of Family Medicine