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The Kútvölgyi Clinic Foundation


Founded: by the ÉLKISZ Building and Apartment Maintenance Coop in 1993.

Classification: A Common Benefit Foundation

Location: 3rd Dept. of Internal Medicine, 4 Kútvölgyi Road, Budapest 1125

Charitable registration number: 18050419-1-43

Bank account number: “OTP Bank” 11712004-20171728-00000000



President and Board of Trustees:

Prof. Dr. István Karádi (Chair), Prof. Dr. Tamás Fenyvesi, Dr. Szabolcs Benedek, Prof. Dr. László Kalabay, Mrs. László Balázs, Prof. Dr. Béla Fekete (Managing Director), Dr. Ibolya Anett Czegle, Dr. Gergely Szombath

The Goal of the Foundation:

  • To assist the clinic to continue in its ability to function as a centre for education, treatment and prevention
  • To maintain and provide the highest quality of patient care
  • To support medical research