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Make up classes and practical examinations from 15/06/2020



Dear Students,

The registration period for the practical examinations has started and it seems to be quite a stressful time for all parties alike. After a long while all students will return to the department therefore we would like to provide you with information concerning entry to the premises.

You may approach the building through the usual gate from Tűzoltó utca but cannot use the main entrance to the building this time. Please proceed to the door closest to the dissection room on the left hand side (when facing the Anatomy building). Here your temperature will be taken and you will have to submit the Entry form* (see below) and, if necessary, a negative PCR test result to the assistants greeting you. Please note, students who have spent the entire lockdown period in Budapest do not need to present us with a PCR test.

Your names will be checked in an excel table then you will gain officially entrance to the department but you may only approach the relevant dissection rooms. The other parts of the department are closed.

Please make sure that you have only the most necessary equipment /stuff on you since the lockers would not be available and you will have to take everything to the dissection room.

The make up classes are organised on a consultational basis. There will be prosected specimens laid out in the boxes of the dissection room with 1 or 2 faculty members offering help with the prosection.

*Entry (pretriage) form – You will have to download and fill in a questionnaire to declare that you are healthy and have had no recent contact to people infected with the new coronavirus. (        Anatomy_Pretriage_English           )

Furthermore, the necessary rules and regulations could be inspected on the departmental homepage.

Masks should be worn at all times, however you should get yor own masks, the department can only provide you with gloves and 1 piece of a protective gown which you need to keep with you and wear on all occasions including practical classes and the examination. Regular lab coats will not be available.

Once you are done with the practical class you will have to leave the department immediately because the surfaces will have to be cleaned and sanitized between the groups.

Do not stay on in the yard either and always keep a 1.5m social distance from your peers and teachers.  Hand sanitizers will be offered in the hallway and in the dissection room.

The examinations will be organized according to schedule and you will be given the exact time when you will have to turn up for the test. The entry procedure will be the same as for the make up classes, however, you will have to use the main entrance. Pin tests (2nd year, anatomy 4) and oral exams (1st year, macro2) are held in the Lenhossék lecture room on designated days.

Pin tests will be composed of 45 questions/27 minutes. Once the test is done you will have to leave the department and your marks will appear in neptun. The results of the Macroscopy2 final examination will be disclosed immediately upon finishing the practical examination.

If you happen to fail the examination, you may return to retake the test during one of the following testing days (seats are to be taken upon availability).

Thank you very much for your cooperation. We wish you luck for the coming period.

Please keep safe and healthy.


All the best,

Dr Andrea D Székely

Associate Professor, Course Director

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