Number of vaccines administered at Semmelweis University - 06 March 2021
66981 Total vaccines
10871 Semmelweis Citizens vaccinated

Subject code: EBTAA_MO16A


No Title (lecturer) Date
1. Introduction to the human anatomy. Epithelia (Dr. Katz Sándor) 2020.09.21.
2. Connective tissue. General osteology (Dr. Katz Sándor) 2020.09.28.
3. Joints of the upper limb (Dr. Katz Sándor) 2020.10.01.
4. Cartilage tissue. Joints of the upper limb II (Dr. Katz Sándor) 2020.10.05.
5. Muscle tissue and general myology (Dr. Katz Sándor) 2020.10.12.
6. Muscles of the upper limb II. (Dr. Katz Sándor) 2020.10.15.
7. Innervation and blood supply of the upper limb. Carpal tunnel. (Dr. Katz Sándor) 2020.10.19.
8. Blood and blood vessels. Immune system (Dr. Katz Sándor) 2020.10.26.
9. Joints of the lower limb (Dr. Katz Sándor) 2020.11.12.
10. Joints of the lower limb II. (Dr. Katz Sándor) 2020.11.16.
11. Pelvis. Muscles of the lower limb. Walking (Dr. Katz Sándor) 2020.11.23.
12. Skull (Dr. Katz Sándor) 2020.11.30.
13. Orbit, nasal cavity…. (Dr. Katz Sándor) 2020.12.07.
14. Abdominal muscles. Inguinal canal and hernia. Femoral trigone. Blood supply and innervation of the lower limb. (Dr. Katz Sándor)
15. Chest cavity and respiratory muscles. Bones of the lower limb. (Dr. Katz Sándor)
16. Gross anatomy and movements of the
vertebral column. Back muscles.
(Dr. Katz Sándor)


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