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 1. Epithelial tissues, cell contacts, intercellular connections 03.02.2020 Download
 2. Glandular epithelium 03.02.2020 Download
 3. Connective tissue cells and fibres. Extracellular matrix 10.02.2020 Download
 4. Blood. Corpuscular elements. Red bone marrow, erythropoiesis, Formation of leukocytes 10.02.2020 Download
5. Supporting tissues (cartilage, bone) 17.02.2020 Download
6. Ossification, bone remodelling 17.02.2020 Download
7. Muscle tissues 24.02.2020 Download
8. Histology of vessels
9. Histology of the tongue and airways, development of the respiratory system 02.03.2020 Download
10. Histology of the esophagus and stomach 02.03.2020 Download
11. Gametes, fertilization, cleavage, blastulation 09.03.2020 Download
12. Microscopical anatomy of the small and large intestines. Histology of the liver and pancreas 09.03.2020 Download
13. Implantation. Placenta, placental circulation, fetal membranes
14. Molecular basis for gastrulation. Formation, differentiation and derivatives of the germinal layers
15. Neurulation, folding of the embryo. Body axes, left-right lateralization, asymmetry
16. Miscroscopical anatomy and development of urinary organs
17. Histology of the male and female genital systems
18. Development of the genital system
21. Development of the heart. Fetal circulation
22. Development of arteries and veins
23. Pharyngeal arches, development of the foregut, midgut and hindgut
24. Histology of teeth I.
25. Histology of teeth II.
26. Tooth development, malformations
27. Development of the face, malformations
28. Parodontal tissues


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