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1. The role of anatomy in the medical curriculum. Terminology


2. General arthrology and myology. Joints , muscles and movements of the shoulder and the upper girdle


3. Muscles and actions of the elbow joint


4. Joints, muscles and actions of the wrist and the hand


5. Bones, joints, construction of the pelvis. Muscles and actions of the hip joint


6. Muscles and actions of the knee joint. Muscles and joints of the foot. Architecture of the foot


7. Components, muscles, joints, ligaments and movements of the vertebral column. Intervertebral, atlantooccipital and atlantoaxial joints together with the muscles


8. Ribs, components and movements of the thorax. Diaphragm.


9. Components of the abdominal wall. Rectus sheath. Subinguinal hiatus. Inguinal canal. Adductor and femoral canals.


10. Bony framework of the skull. Ethmoid bone. Cavities and spaces of the viscerocranium.


11. Bony framework of the skull, neurocranium. Sphenoid and temporal bones.


12. Introduction to the study of the nervous system
Meninges, hemispheres, CSF, lateral ventricles
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13. Telencephalic hemispheres, lateral ventricle. Diencephalon, 3rd ventricle.


14.  Brain stem, cerebellum, 4th ventricle, spinal cord



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