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No Title Date Download
 1.-2. Introduction, Locomotor System,
Skull, vertebral column, head, neck muscles 
2019/02/04  download
 3.-4. Basic Tissues, Skin 2019/02/11 download
5. The Immune System, the Lymphoid Organs 2019/02/18 download
6. Blood, hematopoiesis 2019/02/18 download
7. Heart, the Vascular System 2019/02/25 download
8. The Respiratory System, the Mechanics of
2019/02/25 download
9.-10. Digestive tract 2019/03/04 download
11.-12. Liver, Pancreas, Kidney 2019/03/11 download
13.-14. Genital Organs 2019/03/18 download
23.-24. The endocrine system 2019/04/29 download

Histology practice material

Histology practice material

Dokument name  
2nd week 2019 histology basic tissues skin
2nd week practice material

4th week 2019 histology-blood-vessels-immun-organs 
4th week practice material


6th week_2019_histology lung GI tract I
6th week practice material

8th week_2019_hist GI tract II kidney  

10th week 2019_genital organs histology
10th week practice material

12th_14th weeks_2019_nervous-system-sensory-organs-endocrine_placenta histology