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No Title Date  
1. Pattern formation of neural tube 07/02/2019  
2. cancelled 14/02/2019  
3. Placods and their derivaties 21/02/2019  
4. Neural crest cells 27/02/2019  
5. Development of the auditory system 07/03/2019  
6. Somitogenesis, paraxial mesoderm 14/03/2019  
7. Epithelial-mesenchymal interaction (EMI) development of lung, glands and teeth 21/03/2019  
8. Epithelial-mesenchymal interaction (EMI); development of the kidney 28/03/2019  
9. Development of pancreas and liver 04/04/2019  
10. Early development of the heart 11/04/2019  
11. Vasculogenesis, AGM and early homopoiesis 25/04/2019  
12. cancelled 02/05/2019  
13. Development of limbs and skin 09/05/2019  
14. Gonadal development and sex determination 16/05/2019  


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