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2014-2015, tavasz (AOVHUM097_1A)


Requirements: Successful Anatomy 3rd exam (second year and higher year’s students).

There are lectures only, no practical hours. Student who will absent on 25% of the lectures won’t get signature (i.e. credit points).

At the end of semester there is a written exam.

The first lecture will be on February 9, 2015 at 4.00 p.m.

Place: Lecture hall of the Department of Human Morphology (Anatomy building, second floor).

Subjects of the lectures (the order depends on the availability of the lecturers)

Surface anatomy

Slide anatomy

Anatomy and hypertonia (high blood pressure)

Anatomical background of neurosurgery

Anatomical problems in traumatology

Anatomical problems in surgery of face and facial cranium

Radiological anatomy of heart and blood vessels’ investigations, congenital anomalies

Anatomical problems of peripheral nerve(s) diseases

Anatomy and psychiatry

Anatomy of premature and newborn children

Abdominal surgery: anatomical and surgical reconstructions

Dr. Tibor Wenger


1 Surface anatomy (Tibor Wenger) 2015.02.09. letöltés
2 Aspects of brain anatomy in psychiatry – Dr. Hidasi Zoltán ( Vendégelőadó) 2015.02.16. letöltés
3 Clinical Anatomy: Gastroesophageal Junction – Dr. András Bálint ( Vendégelőadó) 2015.02.23. letöltés
4 Neurosurgery & anatomy -Anatomy & neurosurgery – Dr László Sipos ( Vendégelőadó) 2015.03.02. letöltés
5 Anatomy and disease of peripheral nerves – Dr. Arányi Zsuzsanna ( Vendégelőadó) 2015.03.09. letöltés
6 Surgical Anatomy – Dr. Zoltán Detre ( Vendégelőadó) 2015.03.16. letöltés
7 Angiography and anatomy – Dr. Balázs Nemes ( Vendégelőadó) 2015.03.23. letöltés
8 Long-term Result of Various Maxillofacial Reconstruction Methods – Dr. György Szabó ( Vendégelőadó) 2015.04.20. letöltés
9 HYPERTENSION – Dr. Zoltán Járai ( Vendégelőadó) 2015.04.27. letöltés
10 Neonatal morphology – Dr. Tamás Machay ( Vendégelőadó) 2015.05.04. letöltés


Tematika, órarend (2014-2015)

Topic list 2017.05.09.