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2014-2015, tavasz (AOVHUM084_2A)


Developmental Biology: from gene to newborn II.


2014/2015. II. Semester

2 hours/week, (Thursday 16.30-18.00)

Prof. Dr. Imre Oláh

Department of Human Morphology and Developmental Biology


1 Paraxial mesoderm and somitogenesis (Nóra Pecsenye-Fejszák) 2015.03.12. letöltés
2 Epithelio-mesenchymal interactions II. Development of lung and glands (Katalin Kocsis) 2015.03.26. letöltés
3 Development of liver and pancreas (Katalin Kocsis) 2015.04.23. letöltés
4 Limb development (Katalin Kocsis) 2015.05.07. letöltés
5 Neural crest and placods (Krisztina Herberth-Minkó) 2015.05.14. letöltés
6 Patterning of the nervous system (Krisztina Herberth-Minkó) 2015.05.14. letöltés
7 Vasculogenesis, AGM region, hemopoiesis (Krisztina Herberth-Minkó) 2015.05.18. letöltés


Tematika, órarend (2014-2015)

Topic list 2016.04.28.

Topics of the exam

Developmental Biology II. course
2014/2015. year 2nd semester
Topics of the exam

1) Placodal ectoderm and derivates.
2) Pattern formations of neural tube and development of CNS
3) Neural crest and derivates. Development of PNS.
4) Inner ear development.
5) Somitogenesis, paraxial mesoderm.
6) Epithelial-mesenchymal interaction I. Molecular genetics of tooth development.
7) Epithelial-mesenchymal interaction II. Lung and glands development.
8) Epithelial-mesenchymal interaction III. Molecular genetics of kidney development.
9) Vasculogenesis, AGM region, hemopoiesis.
10) Pancreas and liver stem cells and development.
11) Limb development.
12) Development of genital system and sex determination.