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2016-2017, tavasz (AOVHUM097_1A)


Lectures every Mondays at 4.00 p.m. in the Huzella’s lecture hall of the Department of Anatomy, Histology and Embryology(Anatomy building, 2nd floor).

Responsible for the program: Prof. Tibor Wenger (


Requirement: Successeful anatomy 3 exam

Exam: written

Signature: At least 75% presence is required at the lectures.


Dates: 2017 February 06th, February 13th, February 20th, February 27th, March 06th, March 13th, March 20th, March 27th, April 03rd, April 24th, May 08th


Surface Anatomy

Angiography, malformations

Neuroanatomy of peripheral nerves

Surgical Anatomy, a traumatologist’s point of view

Anatomical problems in neurosurgery

Radiological anatomy of facial surgery

Anatomical relations in hypertonic patients

Anatomy of newborn and premature children

Functional anatomical problems in orthopedic surgery

Anatomical problems in mammary gland and breast surgery

Siurgery of the middle ear and facial canal




§ Dr. Arányi, Zsuzsanna, reader in neurology

§ Dr. Banczerowsky, Péter professor

§ Dr. Detre, Zoltán chief surgeon

§ Dr. Gáti, Georgina lecturer in radiology

§ Dr. Járai, Zoltán professor

§ Dr. Késmárszky, Róbert, chief surgeon in ORL

§ Dr Lukács, Olga senior lecturer in ophtalmology

§ Dr. Nemes, Balázs reader in cardiology

§ Dr. Romics, Imre professor

§ Dr Terebbesy, Tamás senior lecturer in orhtopedic surgery

§ Dr. Székely, Andrea reader in anatomy

§ Dr. Wenger, Tibor professor


1 Surface anatomy (Tibor Wenger) 2017.02.06. letöltés
2 Neurosurgery & anatomy – Dr. László Sipos ( Vendégelőadó) 2017.02.13. letöltés
3 Radiologic relations of the head and neck anatomy – Dr Georgina Gáti ( Vendégelőadó) 2017.02.20. letöltés
4 Angiography and anatomy – Dr. Balázs Nemes ( Vendégelőadó) 2017.02.27. letöltés
5 Anatomy and disease of peripheral nerves – Dr. Zsuzsanna Arányi ( Vendégelőadó) 2017.03.06. letöltés
6 THE FACIAL NERVE, A CLINICAL POINT OF VIEW- Dr. Róbert Késmárszky ( Vendégelőadó) 2017.03.13. letöltés
7 Hypertension – Dr. Zoltán Járai ( Vendégelőadó) 2017.03.20. letöltés
8 Neonatal morphology – Dr. Tamás Machay ( Vendégelőadó) 2017.03.27. letöltés
9 Surgical Anatomy – Dr. Zoltán Detre ( Vendégelőadó) 2017.04.03. letöltés
10 Anatomical problems in orthopaedic surgery – Dr. Tamás Terebessy ( Vendégelőadó) 2017.04.24. letöltés


Tematika, órarend (2016-2017)


Topics for the semester 2017.06.22.