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2016-2017, ősz (AOVANT457_1A)



Introduction to the underlying molecular mechanisms of human development and malformations. Revealing examples of environmental effects on pregnancy. Studying the formation of normal adult anatomy.

Main topics:
  • Introduction to developmental biology and its substantiality in medicine
  • Tools of experimental embryology
  • Regulatory mechanisms of ontogenesis: maternal effect, polarisation, homeobox genes, transcription factors, epigenetic effects, role of extracellular factors (growth factors, extracellular matrix, basal membrane) in cellular differentiation, cell migration
  • Stem cell biology and regeneration
  • Germline determination, oogenesis
  • Teratogenesis
  • Axis formation


1 Regulatory mechanisms of ontogenesis I. (Krisztina Herberth-Minkó) 2016.09.22. letöltés
2 Regulatory mechanisms of ontogenesis II. (Krisztina Herberth-Minkó) 2016.09.29. letöltés
3 Regulatory mechanisms of ontogenesis III. (Krisztina Herberth-Minkó) 2016.10.06. letöltés
4 Cell-cell interactions, extracellular matrix and integrins in the embryo (Katalin Kocsis) 2016.10.13. letöltés
5 Germ line determinants and oogenesis (Imre Oláh) 2016.10.27. letöltés
6 Anteroposterior and dorsoventral patterning. (Katalin Kocsis) 2016.11.03. letöltés
7 Cell fate, cell differentiation, Notch signaling and gastrulation in early embryo (Nóra Pecsenye-Fejszák) 2016.11.17. letöltés


Tematika, órarend (2016-2017)


Topic list 2016/17 I. 2017.09.13.

További dokumentumok (2016-2017)


Topic list 2017.10.08.