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2016-2017, tavasz (FOKOANT155_2A)




1 Lymphatic organs: thymus,tonsils, lymph node, spleen (Zita Puskár) 2017.02.01. letöltés
2 LAYERS OF THE HEART WALL FIBROUS SKELETON, MYOCARDIUM, VALVES (Andrea Dorottya Székely) 2017.02.08. letöltés
3 Development of the heart -ppt file (Károly Altdorfer) 2017.02.15. letöltés
4 Development of the heart – link to the short movie (Károly Altdorfer) 2017.02.15. letöltés
5 Oral cavity, isthmus of the fauces (Márk Kozsurek) 2017.02.22. letöltés
6 GK- Development of the face EDI.2017 (Katalin Gallatz) 2017.02.22. letöltés
7 Anatomy & histology of the tongue & salivary glands_LD (Dávid Lendvai) 2017.02.24. letöltés
8 THE BRANCHIAL APPARATUS DEVELOPMENT OF THE TONGUE (Andrea Dorottya Székely) 2017.03.01. letöltés
9 Pharynx and parapharyngeal spaces (János Barna) 2017.03.01. letöltés
10 Morphology and histology of the large intestine and the rectum (Zsuzsanna Tóth) 2017.03.08. letöltés
11 Development of the fore-, mid- and hindgut. The branchial apparatus is included. On the basis of lectures for EM I 2017. III.9 and 27 as well as ED I on 17. (Mihály Kálmán) 2017.03.17. letöltés
12 Peritoneum, cross sections, abdominal cavity (János Hanics) 2017.03.22. letöltés
13 CARTILAGES, JOINTS AND MUSCLES OF THE LARYNX (Andrea Dorottya Székely) 2017.03.29. letöltés
14 Histology and embryology of the respiratory system (Károly Altdorfer) 2017.04.05. letöltés
15 Morphology and histology of kidney (János Hanics) 2017.04.05. letöltés
16 The pro-, meso- and metanephros. To the lecture for ED I on 2017.IV.19. (Mihály Kálmán) 2017.04.19. letöltés
17 Morphology of the testicle. Spermiogenesis Coats of the testicles. Hernia canals. (Károly Altdorfer) 2017.04.19. letöltés
18 Histology overview for competition (Márk Kozsurek) 2017.04.20. letöltés
19 morphology and histology of the epididymis spermatic cord the seminal vesicle and prostate (Dávid Lendvai) 2017.04.21. letöltés
20 Morphology and histology of penis and male urethra (András Csillag) 2017.04.28. letöltés
21 Morphology and histology of the ovary and the uterine tube. Oogenesis Morphology and histology of the uterus, divisions and content of the broad ligament (János Barna) 2017.05.03. letöltés
22 FEMALE EXTERNAL GENITAL ORGANS (Andrea Dorottya Székely) 2017.05.05. letöltés
23 Development of the urogenital system: parallelisms between the male and female organs. To the ED I lecture on 2017. V. 12. (Mihály Kálmán) 2017.05.12. letöltés
24 Sexdetermination. To the lecture for ED I on 2017.V,12. (Mihály Kálmán) 2017.05.12.