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Subject code: FOKANT155_1A 



No Title (lecturer) Date Download
 1. The role of anatomy, histology and embryology in the medical curriculum. Terminology    
 2. General osteology. Composition of the extremities    
 3. Concept and types of tissues, epithelial tissue, simple epithelia  15.Sept.2017.  Download
 4. Skull. Sphenoid and ethmoid bones  19.Sept.2017.  Download
5. Temporal bone    
6. Neurocranium, including the calvary, internal and external skull bases    
7. Viscerocranium, including the orbit  25.Sept.2017.  Download
8. Mandible and maxilla    
9. Stratified epithelia  29.Sept.2017.  Download
10. Nasal cavity, paranasal sinuses    
11. Bony oral cavity, pterygopalatine and infratemporal fossae  4.Oct.2017.  Download
12. Glandular epithelium  8.10.2017.  Download
13. General arthrology and general myology    
14. Shoulder girdle, shoulder joint and the muscles acting upon it 10.Oct.2017.  Download
15. Connective tissue fibres, types of the connective tissue   13.Oct.2017.  Download
16. Elbow joint and the muscles acting upon it    
17. Bones, joints and muscles of the hand  17.Oct.2017. Download
18. Connective tissue cells, blood cells  20.Oct.2017. Download
19. Pelvic girdle  24.Oct.2017.  Download
20. Hip joint and the muscles acting upon it  24.Oct.2017.  Download
21. Supporting tissue (cartilage, bone)  27.Oct.2017.  Download
22. Knee joint and the muscles acting upon it  31.Oct.2017. Download
23. Bones, joints and muscles of the foot    
24. Bone formation, bone remodelling  3.Nov.2017.  Download
25. Introduction to human embryology. Gametogenesis, fertilization. Cleavage  7.Nov.2017.  Download
26. Blastulation, implantation  7.Nov.2017.  Download
27. The bilaminar embryo. Formation of ectoderm and endoderm  10.Nov.2017. Download
28. Formation and differentiation of mesoderm. Derivatives of the germinal layers  14.Nov.2017.  Download
29. Neurulation. Folding of the embryo    
30. Muscle tissue: skeletal, smooth and cardiac muscles  19.11.2017.  Download
31. Fetal membranes, umbilical cord. Structure of the placenta, placentar circulation    
32. Formation of vessels, fetal circulation, twinning, developmental malformations 21.Nov.2017.  Download
33. Nervous tissue: neurons and supporting cells    
34. Muscles of facial expression    
35. Temporomandibular joint, muscles of mastication  28.Nov.2017.  Download
36. Nervous tissue: fibres, synapses, receptors, effectors 01.12.2017.  Download
37. Muscles, fasciae and triangles of the neck     
38. Thoracic cage, diaphragm    
39. Abdominal muscles, rectus sheath, hernia canals    
40. Vertebral column; movements and muscles. Actions and muscles of the atlantooccipital and atlantoaxial joints    
41. Development of the vertebral column and the locomotor system    
42. Development of the skull. Fontanelles    


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