Dr. Attila PatócsLaboratory leader: Dr. Attila Patócs associate professor

Our laboratory takes part of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and Semmelweis University (HAS-SE) “Lendulet” Hereditary Endocrine Tumours Research Group and HAS-SE Molecular Medicine Research Group.

In our laboratory routine molecular biological methods and high throughput molecular biological analysis, bioinformatics, and functional molecular biological studies are performed.

Our aims include the comprehensive study of hereditary endocrine tumours as well as genetic studies of the CYP21A2 haplotypes in relation with congenital adrenal hyperplasia and other more common physiological and pathophysiological conditions. Another important area of our research is to study the diagnostic role of small molecular weight RNAs, so called microRNAs in tumours of endocrine system. Our laboratory possess all instruments (automatization of DNA, RNA, small RNA extraction, DNA sequencing, ABI 310 and Illumina MiSeq instruments, real time PCR machines : ABI7500, Quantum Studio 7, Thermo Fischer Multiscan plate-reader and a cell culture facility).

We are also focusing on bioinformatics. We installed a bioinformatic server in order to help not only the researchers of our group but researchers from other Departments of our University and and Research Groups outside from our campus in evaluation of data obtained by next generation sequencing based methods.

Another important field and interest of our group is related to hormone measurements performed with high pressure liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry (HPLC-MSMS). We have a Perkin Elmer Felxar UHPLC system and an ABI SCies Qtrap 5500 mass spectrometer. These studies are performed with strong collaboration with Department of Laboratory Medicine, Semmelweis University.

Members PhD students

  • Ábel Decmann
  • Fülöpné Kinga Németh
  • Annamária Kövesdi
  • Pál Perge
  • Balázs Sarkadi

Former students

  • Nikolett Lendvai
  • Zoltán Nagy
  • Zsolt Nagy

Post-doctoral researchers sejt_160

  • Dr. Henriett Butz
  • Dr. Gabor Nyiro
  • Dr. Marton Doleschall
  • Dr. Vince Kornel Grolmusz


  • Dr. Istvan Liko
  • Otto Darvasi
  • Csaba Marta

Staff in diagnostic unit

  • Dr. Henriett Butz, MD, PhD, qualified in laboratory medicine
  • Dr. Katalin Meszaros MD, qualified in laboratory medicine
  • Dr. Attila Patocs MD, PhD, qualified in laboratory medicine and molecular biological diagnostics


Phone Center: +36-1-459-1500
Extension number: 55597, 55535


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