About the Casecenter overloads

Dear Students, In recent days, you have experienced frequent overloads of Case Center. We investigated the situations and found that after the available licenses (slots) were run out, the next student was put to the waiting list. Unfortunately, some students …

Anatomy Midterm for EM II students

Details can be found here .

Anatomy competition for EM I students

EM I: Competition announcement

Anatomy competition for EM II students

Details can be found here .

EM I: video consultation

A week before the macroscopic anatomy midterm we are going to organize a video consultation (anatomy of oral cavity, pharynx, esophagus, respiratory system, heart, mediastinum) for the first year EM groups on this Wednesday (13th of March) from 17.15 (approx. 2-2.5 hours) in the …

Anatomy Midterm for 2nd Year EM Students

  Anatomy Midterm for 2nd Year EM Students  

Password change

Dear Students, On the 1st of December, the password for the website will be changed. For the new password, please ask your teacher. Thank you. Mr. Gergely Cséplő IT Admin

Neuroanatomy II. Midterm retakes

Dates: 1st retake: December 4th (Tuesday), 6.15 p.m. 2nd retake: December 11th (Tuesday), 6.15 p.m. The second midterm is obligatory. Without a valid (i.e. passing) grade (at least 50%) gained in this midterm the semester is not accepted. Further details …

Histology practical manual for EM II

The Histology practical manual (for EM II, 3rd semester; written by Dr. Nemeskéri) is available at the office of Apáthy István Foundation (IInd floor, door 20). Price: 3.500 Ft (only cash) Opening hours: Mo-thu: 9.00-14.00; Fri: 9.00-13.00.

Neuroanatomy Midterm

Dates: October 3rd (Wednesday) 11.30-13.00 for EM2, EM4, EM6, EM8, EM10 and EM12 groups October 4th (Thursday) 15.00-16.30 for EM1, EM3, EM5, EM7 and EM9 groups 15.30 for EM11 group October 5th (Friday) 12.45-14.15 for EM13, EM14, EM15 and EM16 …