Histology and Embryology Midterm for First Year EM Students

Anatomy Midterm

Anatomy Midterm


Possibilities for individual learning and repetition:   Dissection room: ED I: Consultations (individual repetition) in the dissection room for the midterm EM II: Dissection room: possibilities for individual repetition Responsible: Dr. Katz Sándor, Dr. Lendvai Dávid Histology:  due to the Histology digitalization, from December 2017 there are no more consultations (the slides are available online ). Anatomy Museum opening hours – Responsible: Dr. …

Histology practical manual for EM I

The Histology practical manual (for EM I, 2nd semester; written by Dr. Nemeskéri) is available at the office of Apáthy István Foundation (IInd floor, door 20). Price: 3.500 Ft Opening hours: Mo-thu: 9.00-14.00; Fri: 9.00-13.00.

Slides for study at home

Dear Students! From now, you can access the slides for the exams from your home following authentication in the e-learning system. Maximum 150 users are allowed at the same time, inactive users will be kicked out after 10 minutes.

Competition 2017

  The 2nd round of the competition took place on 5th May 2017:      

Drone photos about us

At the beginning of spring, some stunning aerial photos (“superior aspect”) about the Anatomy building were taken. We have never seen our building from these aspect before… Photos: Jendrik Becker-Assmann, March 22nd 2017

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! (Photos: 19 Dec 2016, Departmental Celebration) ( (Photos: Piroska Nyámándi) Similar celebration in 2005.

Group photos 2016

After spending 2 (or more) years in the Department, student groups make goodbye-photos with their instructor during the last practical sessions. Sometimes first-year- students take pictures also at the end of semester. 20152014201320122011201020092008 – …

Competition 2016

Final results of the competition 2. Round – Schedule (Meeting point: in front of the Museum) ED II: Results of the 1st round EM II: Results of the 1st round ED I: Results of the 1st round The annual departmental competition was held during the 12th and 13th weeks of the present semester. Topics, times: Anatomy Competition 2016

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