2017/2018 First semester

Department lecture materials (ppt, pdf) can be downloaded from “Lectures“, after login.

Course directors:

  • EM I.: Dr. Sándor Katz – e-mail
  • EM II., ED I-II.: Dr. Andrea D. Székely – e-mail

Faculty of Medicine:



Faculty of Dentistry:

Developmental Biology

Dissection room rules

Possibilities for individual repetition:

  • Histology: due to the Histology digitalization, there will be no more consultations there (the slides will be available online from the middle/end of Oct 2017)
  • Dissection room: EM I.: on Monday (9th Oct) 16.00-18.00, new dissection rooms   –    ED I.  Attention ! The consultation scheduled for ED I. on the 9th October is cancelled! – Responsible: Dr. Katz Sándor, Dr. Lendvai Dávid
  • Anatomy Museum opening hours

List of recommended books:

To download archive lectures (from previous semesters): Knowledgebase site

For CV final exams: Final exam Histology Slides and the list of these slides. (The images and the list were created in 2001 by prof. Réthelyi.)