Dear Students,

Supporting the proposal of the Doctoral Council,  the Senate  in March 2023 decided on discontinuing  the current  eight doctoral schools and establishing  the new combined  Semmelweis University Doctoral School.

Due to  the  decision FNYF/641-3/2023 of the Hungarian  Educational Office the  newly established Doctoral School is allowed to start at Semmelweis University from 01. 09. 2023.

Semmelweis University Doctoral School is entitled to continue all doctoral trainings and issue PhD degrees in the fields of sciences  which were accredited in the eight doctoral schools.

It is only an administrative change for the students.
All the students will be continuing their studies in the new 

Semmelweis University Doctoral School operates with 11 Doctoral Divisions:

The names of the divisions and the programs are available:

During the registration period of 2023/2024/1 semester you will find a doctoral training line (within the  code …23) in Neptun. You have to take the semester on this line.

Krisztina Tölgyesi-Lovász
Head of the Doctoral Office