jasehn21The Health Services Management Training Centre (EMK) could be part of the Joint Action to support the eHealth Network (JAseHN) workgroup established on 27th May and could also undertake a leading role in its dissemination activity.

The first meeting of the organization was held in Vienna and delegates form 40 organizations of 28 different countries attended. The most important strategic points, the order of different projects and the guidelines of the mutual tasks were discussed. The next meeting was held in Paris on 8th July where the role of the Health Services Management Training Centre was defined. The Centre’s proposed workplan was accepted, according to which the management of all the latest results of the JAseHN to is carried out by the Health Services Management Training Centre. Thus, Hungary has adopted and become part of the new, European form of medical supply and healthcare. Besides, the new logo, the image, the official website and the structure of the collaboration’s internal interface were accepted, which are going to be implemented, operated and managed by the Health Services Management Training Centre in the coming three years.jasehn

The aim of the EU member countries is to include e-healthcare in the European health policy and to align the investments of eHealth with the needs of healthcare. The cross border mobility of healthcare data within the European Union and the organizational, technical and legal interoperability of eHelath are of central importance. In order to ensure progress in these fields the eHealth Network (EHN) was established in 2011 according to the 2011/24/EU directive.

Therefore, the aim of the Joint Action is to prepare the foundations of EHN and to develop cooperative tools in the priority areas that had been defined in the EHN work plan authorized in May 2014. These areas are the following: interoperatibility and standardization; monitoring and performance evaluation; knowledge transfer and global cooperation and positioning. The activities of the Joint Action strive to improve the quality of healthcare services and to provide their continuity, security and efficiency.jasehn3

JAseHN is a consortium made up of 40 institutions of 28 different countries (27 EU member countries and Norway). The stakeholder groups operating on a European level are integrated into the organization through a workgroup specializing in stakeholder communications.

Their aim is to set up operative workgroups and align their activities in order to start preparations for the upcoming meeting of EHN in Brussels in Noveber 2015. 

Photo and text: Faculty of Health and Public Administration – Health Services Management Training Centre