The University of Debrecen, GE Healthcare, the National Institute for Quality- and Organizational Development in Healthcare and Medicines (GYEMSZI) and Semmelweis University are all members of Europe’s largest co-operative partnership in healthcare research development and innovation.
RS26482_KA-20120110-IMG_6090-scrThe results of the tender “Innovation for Healthy Living and Active Ageing”, issued by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), have recently been disclosed. The winning consortium (EIT Health) has more than 50 core members and 90 collaborating partners, including the leading firms of 14 European member states, research centres and universities. The association involved 8 additional, so-called “Inno-Stars” regions of 6 EU member states, including 2 Hungarian regions. Having a budget of 2 billion Euros, the consortium, financed by EIT and the partners, is the biggest European co-operation in the field of healthcare research, development and innovation.
The aim of EIT Health is to promote entrepreneurship and innovation in the field of healthy lifestyle and active ageing, thus providing Europe with new solutions and resources. It ensures a healthier and more successful lifestyle through products, services and ideas which enhance the quality of life and contribute to sustainable healthcare in Europe.
Dr. László Palkovics, Minister of State for Higher Education said that the most important aspect of this partnership was that Hungarian researchers, educators and students could have access to the latest technologies and research results without delay and benefit from them. As a result, healthier population, more sustainable healthcare system and the extension of active working life can be achieved. Reducing the development gap and realising the aim of innovation, prevention and cure of diseases and the improvement of the structure and services of the healthcare system can only be accomplished through an all-encompassing European partnership.
According to Dr. József Pálinkás, President of the National Research, Development and Innovation Office, the EIT Health project means a great progress for Hungary, as the most prominent Hungarian institutions in the field of healthcare and healthcare industry will have direct access to the forefront of European innovation.
RS511__SZS7084-scr1Not only does the programme provide the participating institutions with the possibility of realising European tenders together with Europe’s leading universities and healthcare partners, but it also lends direct support to the improvement of the transfer of technologies and knowledge, as well as to the achievement of ideas. For Hungarian ideas and enterprises to be successful abroad as well, it is essential that they have access to international networks and classification systems.
The EIT Headquarters, based in Budapest, establishes a network of the most outstanding higher education, research and business institutions and promotes their collaborations in order to seek solutions to social challenges of paramount importance. The 7-year objectives of the institution are supported by appointed consortiums, it encourages entrepreneurial activity and helps with the realisation of ideas. It organises competitions to select the most talented young researchers, then trains and prepares them for the management of innovations and the handling of challenges. New enterprises are helped to overcome the difficulties of the initial phases by incubator programmes until they are ready for investment. It develops master and PhD programmes which ensure high quality and innovative results to represent scientific excellence in the higher educational institutions of Europe. Thus a so-called EIT “trademark of excellence” is created.
Source: EMMI
Photo: Attila Kovács, Zsolt Szigetváry – Semmelweis University
Translated by: Ágnes Raubinek