Specialist Training Course in Integrated Parent-Infant Consultation The contents and structure of the course are the outcome of a more than 15-year-long cooperation between Prof. Éva Hédervári-Heller (Berlin, Germany) and Dr. Tünde Németh (Budapest, Hungary). The length of the course is four semesters (120 credit points); the language of instruction is Hungarian.

The course provides specialist training in parent-infant consultation and therapy to health care professionals and other professionals working in psychological-social areas (such as physicians, teachers, psychologists, psychotherapists, health visitors or social workers). Parent-infant consultation/therapy is a preventive and interventive method scientifically proven to treat, or at least alleviate, psychological and psychosomatic conditions (regulatory disorders) in infancy and early childhood. The contents of the course and the professional work based on it are a synthesis of several aspects of consultation, therapy and practice, representing a novel and integrated approach to early childhood intervention.

Graduates of the course acquire competence in the following fields:

– knowledge of complex medical, psychological and pedagogical questions related to infancy and early childhood as well as familiarity with current issues in Family Sociology;

– familiarity with interdisciplinary approaches and best practices (with the help of specialists in medicine, psychology, pedagogy, special needs education, physiotherapy, social work and child law) and the consequent ability to apply interdisciplinary solutions in practice;

– possession of up-to-date information on the special features of physical and mental development in infancy and early childhood, on the quality of attachment relationships in early childhood and adulthood, on the process of becoming a parent, and on regulatory problems in parent-child relationships;

– ability to recognise the regulatory (behavioural) disorders of early childhood in time, apply special intervention (counselling, consultation) targeting such disorders, prepare the relevant documentation and conduct special interviews designed for this field.

Application criteria: bachelor’s degree or higher in arts, social studies, medicine/health sciences or law and administration; personal aptitude.

For further information contact Ildikó DANIS PhD (danis.ildiko@public.semmelweis-univ.hu)