No. of vaccines administered at Semmelweis University - 22 January 2023
545262 Total vaccines

21st May

PRIVACY NOTICE on data processing by all organisational units of Semmelweis University regarding holders of Covid-19 immunity cards, individuals’ vaccination and/or their having contracted, and recovered from, the Covid-19 infection not more than three months ago

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22nd April 2021

A series of publications on COVID-19 by researchers at Semmelweis University is available on the website of Semmelweis University’s Central Library. The list is constantly being updated.

Visit the website of the Central Library for more information:

29th March 2021

Semmelweis University has increased the capacity of the individual psychological counseling service available to staff members and students, and new online group events are also being launched. They are designed to help process the psychological burdens of emergency COVID care.

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7th January 2021

RE/1/2021. (I.07.) Directive of the Rector and the Chairman of the Clinical Center regarding the use of COVID-19 quick tests for ensuring safe patient care and clinical education (pdf)

26th November 2020

Rector-Chancellor order on the allowances for students within medical, health science,and pedagogical training participating in the COVID 19 epidemic defence during the emergency situation

Rector-chancellor Order No. E/21/2020. (XI.26.) regarding the action plan for epidemiological standby at Semmelweis University – excerpt – §10/A. (pdf)

28th April 2020

A downloadable form stating the proof of completion of voluntary work has been issued that needs to be handed in to the Dean’s Office to have practical courses accepted.

Proof of completion of voluntary work

26th April 2020

Rector’s Directives have been issued on the temporary rules regarding online examination.

RECTOR’S DIRECTIVE No. R/4/2020. (IV.22.) on the transitional study and examination rules regarding the organization and the implementation of exams

R /5/2020 (IV.23.) RECTOR’S DIRECTIVE on certain transitional provisions relating to the organization and conduct of examinations within the distance learning mode.

6th April 2020

The Central Library of the university created a list of relevant information sources and publishers in connection with the novel coronavirus for students and researchers. The page is constantly updated.

COVID-19 research information on the page of the Central Library

3rd April 2020

Within its competence and as soon as it is professionally justified, Semmelweis University provides so-called release tests to its employees and students, who have been in compulsory home quarantine after testing positive for coronavirus.

Information for Semmelweis citizens in compulsory home quarantine

23rd March 2020

The Faculty of Dentistry has published information on the new, multi-step, lock system of entry to the departments and clinics of the faculty.

Information on the new system for entering the Faculty of Dentistry 

20th March 2020

Official information on the procedures of distance learning starting on 23rd March 2020 was published by Dr. Péter Hermann, Vice-Rector for Educational Affairs and Dr. Levente Kiss, director of the Centre of Educational Development, Methodology and Management.

Official information on distance learning, technical specifications and setting up Zoom

Information on Semmelweis University’s course on distant education for academic staff

19th March 2020

A new, restricted entry system with checkpoints will be set up and implemented from Monday at the Inner and Outer Clinical Centres of Semmelweis University for both patients and employees. With these measures the university intends to reduce the chance of potentially infected people entering the premises of the clinics.

Official information on the checkpoints by the Rector

18th March 2020

A video demonstrates the proper way of putting on and taking off personal protective equipment and detailed information is provided on the differences between respiratory masks and their proper use.

Detailed information leaflet on respiratory protection and personal protective equipment

16th March 2020

Students of the university have been informed about the examination related to the novel coronavirus in Hungarian, English and German via NEPTUN. The information leaflet may be downloaded in pdf format:

Information for students about the coronavirus examination (pdf)

13th March 2020

The Rector-Chancellor’s Order No. E/6/2020 (III.12.) has been issued pertaining to Semmelweis University’s action plan regarding education and patient care in response to the emergency caused by the novel coronavirus. The instruction includes measures regarding higher education, procedures for international travel, information on the recently established Epidemiology Committee of Semmelweis University, guidelines for university meetings and events, provisions related to institutions of vocational, public and adult education and other provisions applicable to employees of the university’s units providing patient care services.

9th March 2020

The following forms have to be filled in before starting the lessons. Only students fulfilling the criteria set by statement can attend the lessons. 

8th March 2020

The advice of the Budapest Metropolitan Government Office on the most important steps of home isolation. 

Novel coronavirus: information on home isolation (pdf)

7th March 2020

New educational material and aids have been created related to the novel coronavirus upon the request of Dr. Béla Merkely, Rector. 

6th March 2020

Dr. Béla Merkely, Rector  informed the students of Semmelweis University on the current situation of the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) at the university and the preventive actions to be taken in patient care and education.

Letter from Dr. Béla Merkely, Rector to students (pdf)

5th March 2020

Dr. Béla Merkely, Rector informed university citizens on the epidemiological situation caused by the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) on the university’s website, via e-mail and Neptun message.

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5th March 2020

Students were informed by a NEPTUN message that the common areas of the university are regularly disinfected. From 5th March 2020, the public areas of the university will be closed town every day between 10 pm and 6 am to perform disinfection. The disinfection of dormitories is performed daily during working hours. They were also informed that classrooms and other areas visited by the study group of the student infected by coronavirus had been disinfected.

2nd March 2020

Detailed information from the Rector on the coronavirus and actions to be taken for employees and students of the university, as well as the general public:

28th-29th January 2020

Students of the university received a questionnaire in Hungarian, English and German tobe filled out regarding the novel coronavirus accompanied by an information leaflet via NEPTUN. The forms can be downloaded in pdf format below: