Number of vaccines administered at Semmelweis University - 06. December 2021
474436 Total vaccines

Data required for applications


Name, address  
Official name: Hungarian / English Semmelweis Egyetem / Semmelweis University
Short name: Hungarian / English SE / SU
Central address 1085 Budapest, Üllői út 26. (HRSZ:36771/14)
Mailing address 1428 Budapest, Pf.2.
Web address
Legal form Centrally supervised budgetary body
Hungarian Central Statistical Office identifier (Statistical sign) 15329808-8542-312-01
Management form 312
PIR registration number 329804
File number of the memorandum of association/Registration document number 35907/2017
Name of the registering body Ministry of Innovation and Technology
Date of foundation 1769.
Year of integration 2000.
Qualification code 6
TEÁOR code 85.42 00 (higher education)
NACE code P85.4.2
Financial information  
Tax number 15329808-2-42
Social insurance serial number 75116
Bank’s name Magyar Államkincstár
Bank’s address 1139 Budapest Váci út 71.
Account number 10032000-00282819-00000000 (IBAN HU51)
VAT nr HU15329808
EORI / VPI nr HU0000103789
U.S. Institutional Registrations  
Institutional IORG registration number IORG0001763
Institutional Review Borad registration number IRB00002236
Federalwide Assurance number FWA00002527
Authority to sign  
Official legal representative Dr. Merkely Béla
Rank Rector
Official legal representative Dr. Pavlik Lívia
Rank Chancellor
Financial countersignatory Baumgartnerné Holló Irén
Other data related to tenders financial director
PIC code (H2020, FP7) 999860675
OM ID FI 62576
Hungarian State Treasury ID 230 254
LEAR Dr. Szigeti Gyula Péter
Organisation ID E10208800
Statistical staff (persons) 7881
Number of women employed 5619