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Diploma works

Rules for application and preparation of Diploma works in the Department of Pharmacodynamics

Announcement of topics: Early October (on the Moodle website)

Application should be sent to the e-mail address with the following details:

  • Name and e-mail address
  • Education records; average grades of 5th and 6th semester, grades of biochemistry and physiology final exams
  • Short motivation letter; reason your application in a couple of sentences

Deadline of application: One week after announcement

Announcement of accepted applications: one week after application deadline (on the Moodle website)

After the deadlines application only for the available topics is possible.

Minimum requirements of acceptance Diploma work preparation:

8th semester:

  • at least 2 consultations
  • work up of at least 5 recent review papers
  • preparation of a short summary; in a couple of pages determine the main chapters and summarize their content

9th semester:

  • at least 2 consultations
  • at least 75% preparation of the main chapters (minimum 20 pages of manuscript)


All tapics are based on literature review.

Rules and sample of diploma work