Research activity of the Department:

We perform internationally recognised research on the following fields that are supported by Europian Union, Hungarian Scientific Research Fund, ETT and Hungarian Academy of Sciences grants:

  • neuroprotective mechanism of L-deprenyl, a selective, irreversible inhibitor of monoamine oxidase B enzyme;
  • pharmacology of nociceptin/nocistatine system;
  • serotonin and its receptors in the central nervus system and its pharmacology;
  • mechanism of action of Ecstasy: receptorial effect, correlation of axonan damage and functional alterations;
  • physiology and pharmacology of sleeping and circadian rythm;
  • genetics, neurobiology and pharmacology of affective disorders: polymorphism of monoamine metabolism enzyme and receptor genes.


  • Pharmacology and clinical role of monoamine oxidase and semicarbazide sensitive amine oxidse enzymes.
  • Fate of drugs in the body.
  • Biostatistics; Evaluation of pharmacological and pharmacokinetic data.
  • Research of cytotoxic and cytoprotective mechanisms.
  • Pharmacology of nociceptin/nocistatine system.
  • Pharmaco-EEG; Study of drug effects by quantitative EEG.
  • Experimental in vivo pssychopharmacology, behavioral studies.
  • Study of electric activity in conjuction with cognitive function in rodents.