Name: NAP-A-SE Research Group
Title of the project: Identification of new antidepressant drug targets
Leader: Prof. György Bagdy, PhD, DSc
Tel: +36-1-210-4411, +36-1-459-1500 ext. 56331, 56336, 56217
Institute: Department of Pharmacodynamics

Institution: Semmelweis University, 1089 Budapest Nagyvárad tér 4.
Financial support provided by the European Union and the Hungarian State: 127 850 000 HUF
Duration of the project: 2014.12.01.-2017.11.30.
depression, anxiety, genetics, antidepressants, personality traits, temperaments, environmental stress, financial difficulties, drug discovery, NewMood, GWAS, microarray
Short summary of the project:
With the support of the Hungarian Brain Research Program the research group tries to identify new drug targets for the treatment of depression. They are mapping the entire genome searching for unknown genetic variants that could lead to the development of the disease.