Main profiles of our outpatient departments:

  • general dermatology (ground floor)
  • STD clinic (mezzanine)
  • allergology (1st floor)
  • dermatooncology (2nd floor)
  • psoriasis centre (6th floor)
  • dermatosurgery (6th floor)

A referral by a medical specialist or GP is not mandatory to be admitted to our clinic, however, having a referral makes it easier and faster for us to decide which outpatient department you may need if your medical condition requires special medical care. Medical attendance at our outpatient departments is available only after making an appointment – except for urgent dermatological or oncological cases and HIV/syphilis screening tests.

You can make an appointment for our general outpatient care unit at the director’s secretariat by calling + 36 1 266 0471. Please have your personal data ready while calling.

Patients with urgent dermatological needs are generally awaited on weekdays between 8am – 1pm. Patients with exceptional emergency (e.g. facial swelling) or life threatening conditions are attended between 1pm – 8am on weekdays and on weekends too as long as the doctor on duty considers the case to be a real emergency.

Prior registration at the registration desk on the ground floor is mandatory before any outpatient medical visit. numbered ticket has to be taken from the ticket machine at the entrance in order to be called to the desk.

Patients can be admitted to the inpatient departments only after a preliminary examination at one of our outpatient facilities. Patients with subacute or chronic conditions are wait-listed. Acutely ill patients are generally admitted immediately.

Our inpatient departments are:

  • general dermatology (mezzanine)
  • allergoimmunology (4th floor)
  • dermatooncology (7th floor)