Examination requirements:

The exam consists of practical (patient examination) and theoretical parts.

The theoretical examination may be taken after a successful practical examination. The practical examination may be replaced by a written test.

In the theoretical examination 2 of the advertised items will be presented.



  1. Elementary phenomena on the skin
  2. Structure of the epidermis and dermis. Barrier and adaptive functions of the skin.
  3. Principles of dermatological topical treatment. Indications and side effects of cortocisteroid treatment
  4. Urticaria, Quincke’s oedema
  5. Atopic dermatitis.
  6. Definition and classification of eczema, principles of its treatment. Dyshidrosis.
  7. Clinical manifestations of drug-induced eczema.  Stevens-Johnson syndrome. TEN (Lyell syndrome).
  8. Clinical forms of basalioma
  9. Clinical forms of spinalioma
  10. Stained moles, melanoma malignum
  11. Praecanceroses. In situ carcinomas. Paraneoplasias.
  12. Cutaneous T-cell lymphomas. M. Kaposi
  13. Clinical forms and treatment of psoriasis
  14. Lichen ruber planus. Pityriasis rosea
  15. Sebum production disorders, acne disease, rosacea
  16. Cutaneous manifestations of lupus erythematosus (DLE, SLE), investigation plan
  17. Scleroderma (Morphea, PSS)
  18. Dermatomyositis
  19. Skin manifestations of diabetes. Skin manifestations of liver disease. Causes and treatment of pruritus
  20. Dermatitis herpetiformis Duhring, pemphigoid, pemphigus clinic and their treatment
  21. Clinical features, differential diagnosis and treatment of venous leg ulcers
  22. Alopecia
  23. Erythema exsudativum multiforme. Erythema nodosum.
  24. Vasculitis allergica




  1. Definition of STDs/STIs, causative agents of sexually transmitted infections
  2. Sexually transmitted infections causing infertility, perinatal complications
  3. Symptoms of syphilis stage I, development of infection
  4. Symptoms of syphilis stage II
  5. Skin symptoms and visceral lesions of late syphilis
  6. Laboratory diagnosis of syphilis
  7. Treatment of syphilis (in different stages, in pregnant women and in case of penicillin allergy)
  8. Gonorrhoeal infection in men, complications of infection
  9. Gonorrhoeal infection in women, complicated forms of infection
  10. Laboratory diagnosis and treatment of gonorrhoea
  11. Clinical manifestations and treatment of Chlamydia trachomatis infections
  12. Diseases caused by herpes virus. Clinical presentation and treatment of progenital herpes.
  13. Clinical presentation and treatment of human papilloma virus infections
  14. Clinic and clinical presentation of Trichomonas vaginalis.  Bacterial vaginosis.
  15. Vulvovaginitis candidomycetica, balanitis candidosa. Angulus infectiosus oris, candidosis oris
  16. HIV infection, AIDS
  17. Clinical picture and treatment of impetigo contagiosa, folliculitis, furunculus, carbunculus
  18. Clinical picture, differential diagnosis and treatment of erysipelas
  19. Lyme disease
  20. Pityriasis versicolor. Microsporia.
  21. Mycosis superficialis capitis, corporis. Mycosis pedis.
  22. Intertrigo mycotica. Erythrasma. Hydradenitis suppurativa.
  23. Onychomycosis. Paronychia chronica.
  24. Recognition and treatment of scabies. Pediculoses