Academisch Ziekenhuis Leiden (Leiden University Medical Center)


Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) is a long-established university medical centre focusing on top clinical and specialized care. This is backed up by top tier research groups including imaging and tumour immunology for which it has world renowned status. It has four large public interest missions: research, education, public health, and valorisation of scientific research via technology transfer and industrial partnerships.

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Bierau Schmeiser Katja – Pilotality


Pilotality (PILO), a Dutch biotech company, was founded in 2010 by Katja Bierau, a PhD scientist in the field of immunology, virology and oncology. Dr Bierau is an expert in the development and commercialisation of diagnostic kits for personalised medicine and she has in-house expertise for developing new biomarker assays where a proprietary kinase inhibitor screening facility.


Percuros B.V.


Percuros B.V. (PERC), a Dutch biotech-chemistry company, was founded by Alan Chan in 2006 based on blood biomarkers. A KGI spin-off, Zuyder Inc., was subsequently incorporated into Percuros. The Company graduated towards developing biomarker assays for immunotherapy and oncology and to this day it specialises in designing both in vitro and in vivo assays for clients.

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TECObiosciences GmbH


TECObiosciences GmbH (TECOB) has over 15 years’ experience in communication with health authorities and regulatory bodies and in the certification of IVD tests. Company dedicates its experience to ensure that already during the development and validation of new biosafety marker tests QA and QC compliant with the IVD regulation are respected to facilitate a smooth CE certification process.


TECOdevelopment GmbH

The Swiss-based TECOmedical Group with subsidiaries in Germany, France and Benelux, is a leading provider of in-vitro speciality test systems in the areas of medical and veterinary diagnostic, biosafety and environmental testing. In addition TECOmedical Group develop and evaluate new test systems in collaboration with opinion leaders or as service to pharma, CRO and research organisations.

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