Departmental Demonstratorship Stipends in Anatomy, Histology and Embryology

for the Students of the Faculty of Medicine


for the Students of the Faculty of Dentistry

2020/2021 Academic Year, 2nd Semester


The Department of Anatomy, Histology and Embryology at the Semmelweis University invites applications for teaching assistant fellowships. Candidates may apply for the 1 semester with their demonstratorship terminating at the end of the 2nd semester of the present academic year.

Selection criteria
Only those may apply who

  • are active students enrolled in academic years II-V. at the Semmelweis University;
  • show high moral and scholarly standards;
  •  apply for demonstratorship in only one (1) subject;
  • prove commitment and a responsible attitude towards participation in the teaching process;
  • have previously proven excellence in the subject/s of Anatomy, Histology and Embryology of the old curriculum or Macroscopic Anatomy and Microscopic Anatomy and Embryology of the new curriculum, and have successful final examination/s from the subject/s listed above.
  • Students enrolled in a CV course from the above listed subjects may therefore not apply.

Role of departmental demonstrators

Demonstrators are student instructors who work in association with Faculty Members in the Dissection Room or in the Histology Laboratory. They are supervised by a Faculty Member who continuously follows their progress to both provide help with advancing their knowledge, as well as exerting control over their teaching activities.

Duties of departmental demonstrators

  • Demonstrators are expected to be present in at least one practical lesson in a week (either in ’Macroscopical Anatomy’ or ’Microscopical Anatomy and Embryology’ subjects). Absences may not exceed 25%.
  • Demonstrators should possess strong communication skills and adequate English proficiency. They will have to be well prepared to help both with the practical and theoretical questions.
  • Occasionally, Demonstrators have to be available for substituting the Faculty Member during the class(es) they attend.


Succesful Applicants, accepted for 1 semester (5 months) will earn 1 credit. Stipends will be paid to the account of selected Applicants in one sum following the receipt of a positive assessment by the Head of Department in the end of the demonstrator period.
Further Applicants, without earning a stipend, may also be selected by the Department to act as Demonstrators. Both paid and unpaid Demonstrators are entitled to earn the credit upon the successful termination of the demonstrator period.

Application form and deadlines

Download the application form and fill it in. Forms are to be sent to

Dr. Andrea D. Székely:

Application deadline: January 31, 2021.